Wednesday, 6 October 2010

GoodReader Goodie!

I stumbled upon a wonderful hidden feature in the (must-have) GoodReader application, which allows one to directly download PDFs from the web into the application by adding a bookmark in Safari. Always late to the party, someone beat me to writing a good instruction on how to achieve this feat.

This function is built-in in iOS4 on my iPhone, and probably this feature will be reduntant by the time iOS4 for the iPad gets released. Strangely, there is a built-in 'Open in..' function in Safari when viewing Office documents on the current iPad OS. It's been annyoing me for a long time that this isn't by default possible for PDF documents, but I guess this piece of genius software design of Apple is beyond me. That being said, we can't wait till the next OS for the iPad is released, which will probably be november.

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