Monday, 9 August 2010

In the news / on the web!

Today I was featured succinctly in a local newspaper on our lovely mobile learning initiative!

Somewhat more elaborate is this pretty cool post on, thanks for that!

I think it's important to keep discussion open about possible applications of the ipad in chemistry education. To this end I've opened up some groups on facebook, and also on the 'dutch facebook'. If you have ideas for me about what groups / networks I can join or notify in these social networks, I'd be happy to hear about it! I would really like to open up a wide discussion on this subject.

After this rather obvious and shameless self-promotion, my next post will probably be a bit more informative.

Update: A disscusion in the comments of an article on, led to a second article, with more in-depth views on de the iPad within our chemical education. Fascinating reading material, I assure you!

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