Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Easy Survey: Go Google!

At the beginning of every year, we hand out a survey asking students a bit more info on why they exactly choose to study chemistry at our university. You read that right: 'hand out', as in, pieces of paper being distributed in the classroom. Very old-fashioned, wouldn't you think?

Turns out that Google Docs has a very nifty feature which allows you to easily set up a survey. You can let any number of people participate, and Google nicely summarizes the results for you. Now, we can simply send students a link, or point them to the approriate website, and they can fill in the survey whenever they feel like it. On their iPad, of course!

I read about this here, but only click that link when your Dutch is adequate. I'm sure if you google arround you'll find plenty examples. Although, once you know that creating a new 'form' (or 'formulier') in Google Docs will set up a survey-like document connected to a spreadsheet, you're ready to go!

Below a very simple example, showing that you can also embed the survey in any webpage you like.

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